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Corey Chetcuti is an award winning designer and the owner of
Birch River Design.


Corey was born and raised in California by an avid gardener who always encouraged her to grow and propagate plants, even as a young child. This upbringing sprouted Corey's love for flora and fauna. Growing up in Southern California during a drought created a lasting impression on her: that water is a precious resource that should not be wasted, but that beautiful low water landscapes are possible, brilliant solutions.

Corey has a lengthy background in various avenues of the arts, and her passion for architecture and design can be seen in her landscapes. She approaches new designs as an artist would a new creation, with an artistic eye and attention to detail, a sense of rhythm, texture & balance and a painterly color palette.


Corey values the importance of listening to her clients and designing for their lifestyle and budget.

Corey is a LEED GA with degrees in Landscape Architecture & Interior Architectural Design and is a ReScape Qualified Landscape Design Professional & a ReScape Qualified Firescaping Design Professional. Her background includes landscape design, residential home design & planning, construction & project management, fine gardening & fine gardening maintenance. Corey currently gardens in USDA Zones 9b & 7a and previously has gardened in USDA Zone 10a.


Corey has been a designer drawn to drought tolerant landscapes from the beginning. Read more about her
award-winning journey below


Medals: CLCA exclusive medal

Garden Creator: Gold

"What if you no longer had access to supplemental irrigation
for your garden? What would your garden look like? These questions became the basis and concept for this garden we called Metamorphosis”

This 20'x20' garden included a two tiered pergola made from reclaimed wood including a reclaimed metal roof.  A retaining wall made from repurposed steel concrete forms from ship decking, an outdoor shower, a bio-swale and a rain catchment system. The garden was planted primarily with CA native plants including two succulents walls planted with a CA native succulent. The "Metamorphosis” garden was located next to the bathrooms, so we created peek-a-boo windows in the reclaimed step-down redwood wall so that our garden could be viewed by people waiting in line. This garden took 6 months of planning and hard work. We are grateful for the additional help from friends and colleagues who donated their time. Designers: Corey Chetcuti, Tina Jauregui, Kim Leichner and Leslie Peluso. Photography by Zach Todd Photography & Corey Chetcuti.

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